Individual Contributor Agreement

Thank you for your interest in becoming a NuoDB community contributor.

You may review and agree to the terms of the NuoDB Individual Contributor License Agreement ("ICLA") by submitting the form below.

Note: The ICLA is designed for individual contributors. If you are employed, you should check with your employer regarding your ability to agree to the ICLA. If you are interested in establishing a corporate level contributor agreement, please contact for more information.

Please review the ICLA 463678.3 before completing this form and agreeing to the terms of the ICLA. Once you have reviewed ICLA, you can agree to the terms of the ICLA by filling out the information below and by clicking the "I agree to the terms of the ICLA" box below. Once you submit this form, you will be taken to a completion screen and you will be able to print and save the confirmation.

Alternatively, you may print, complete, and sign this ICLA 463678.3 and email it to the address listed in the ICLA.

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If you have any questions, please contact your project lead for more information regarding becoming a contributor.